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Welcome To Smooth Customs Online
In the beginning, Tatum Alexander thought up a wild idea to compete with other car clubs by creating his own. He thought long and hard about it and continued to customize his truck while turning down other car clubs. Finally Tatum decided to put his idea to work. Tatum soon called his best friend Cory who also spent every cent of his money he had on his truck. From that moment the two friends started their club........Smooth Customs.
Tatum's Text

Well School has started back and their goes most of our attention. This years Doodle soup show was real little attendance because of scheduling conflicts. Steve Cates brought his 454 from Arkansas to show, and man is it nice. The show was an overall sucess. Not many entries at the Greenfield Fire Prevention show either. We are planning on making most of the nationals this year, not entering, just looking. The national shows are always fun, and there is always stuff to do. Alex just got his dream car, I guess you would say, a 1968 Camaro, it needs alittle work here and there but it's def. a sharp car. This week I added a cold-air intake to my eclipse. J.R. has his S-10 in the shop, getting a chip, cam, and exhaust work done. We have a few prospects wanting in, more on that later.
Stay Smooth, 

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As you can tell, we havent been updating the pictures. To explain the situation, when Cory dropped out, it left us without a scanner. We havent found any one else or any way to put pictures on site. We have about 5-6 pictures of updated rides, but no way of posting them?

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